Farewell Grandma! Party on Down at Ueno Station
Nihongo さらば婆ちゃん!上野駅は宴会パニック
Romaji Saraba Bā-chan! Ueno Eki wa Enkai Panikku
Manga counterpart(s) Farewell on Platform 18
Air date August 12, 1987
Previous Underwater Confusion! Godai's Suspicious Hickey!‎
Next A Midsummer Night's Dream: Godai Finds a Job?!

Farewell Grandma! Party on Down at Ueno Station is the seventieth episode of the Maison Ikkoku anime.

Grandma Yukari's plum wine is a summertime favorite, but too much of a good thing can be trouble. Her farewell party is never ending, and even Soichiro gets drunk. Godai, a man's got to hold his drink better than a dog!

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