Godai in Confusion! Kozue's First Kiss
Nihongo 五代くんドギマギ!こずえと初キッス!?
Romaji Godai-kun Dogimagi! Kozue to Hatsu Kissu!?
Air date September 3, 1986
Previous Kyoko's Brush with Danger! Mother's Nefarious Plot
Next In this Corner: Godai vs. Mitaka! The Clash of the Proposals

Godai in Confusion! Kozue's First Kiss is the twenty-fourth episode of the Maison Ikkoku anime.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


  • This is the only episode to use two of Gilbert O' Sullivan's song; Alone Again (Naturally) as the opening and Get Down as the ending. Afterwards, the series used Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa as the opening again. The English dub didn't receive both of the original opening and ending due to copyright issues.

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