Ikuko Otonashi


Ikuko (郁子) is Kyōko's young niece from her marriage to Sōichirō. The two are very close. On a visit to Maison Ikkoku, Ikuko meets Yūsaku and quickly becomes fond of him. Ikuko insists that Yūsaku becomes her tutor as she approaches entry into middle school, though it seems she is more interested in goofing off with him rather than actually studying. Kyōko initially tries to dissuade Ikuko and later tends to hover when the two are together, hoping to keep Yūsaku from corrupting Ikuko with his lazy habits, although it is usually Ikuko who steers conversation away from her studies and more towards gossip. Tutoring Ikuko becomes Yūsaku's first steady source of income as well as his first major attempt to demonstrate his maturity and reliability to Kyōko. She seems to have a lot of interest in knowing about Godai's love and personal life.[1]


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