Just Do Your Best!
Nihongo がんばってくださいね
Romaji Ganbatte Kudasai ne
Volume Volume 7
Shōgakukan release February 1984
Anime counterpart Big, Shocking Announcement?! Kyoko Confesses Love to Godai
Previous Mending a Break
Next In Hot Water
Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Just Do Your Best! is the seventy-third chapter of the Maison Ikkoku manga series.

Sakamoto visits Godai with the schedule of the final exams and all the notes he had missed during his stay out of university. Kyōko brings coffee for them and learns that Godai is close to getting flunked due to his low record of attendance. She decides to help him out and forbids all the tenants from partying in his room until the exams are over. Everything goes well and Kyōko promises to wake him up on the exam day, as she's unsure if he'd get up on his own on the right time. The tenants however do party downstairs and Kyōko tries to keep them down all night, and ends up oversleeping. The next day, the pair rush to reach the university in time but unfortunately, they fail to make it and Godai misses his test, or maybe he didn't...

Plot overviewEdit

Godai has finally recovered from his injury and is being visited by his friend Sakamoto, who gives him the schedule of the final exams and copies of the notes he missed during his stay out of college. Godai thanks Sakamoto for all the help and declares that he has to make through finals lest his studies should be affected the next year. Just then, Kyōko arrives with coffee for the two men. She sits down and asks Godai if he would do well in the exams to which Sakamoto readily replies that he is in a "bad shape" given his low attendance record due to the broken leg. However, Godai assures her that he is fine as long as he passes the exams. Sakamoto bumps in again saying if he fails in atleast one, he has to wait for another year and considering his "brains", he is somewhat sure of that. Kyōko asks Sakamoto if he'd help Godai in case he needs some help and Sakamoto starts boasting about all the things he does for Godai—answer attendance roll, copy notes and so on—that he could just stay at home, much to Godai's chagrin. Kyōko thanks him and leaves the room.

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