Kozue Nanao
Kozue Nanao
Nihongo 七尾 こずえ
Romaji Nanao Kozue
Gender Female
Date of birth 1962[1]
Age 18
Occupation  ?
Residence Nanao residence
Debut & Actors
Manga debut One Entangled Evening
Anime debut One Entangled Evening! I Thought You Said You Loved Me!?
Japanese seiyū Miina Tominaga
English VA Rochelle Greenwood
Anna Cummer
Live action Nana Eikura

Kozue Nanao (七尾 こずえ, Nanao Kozue) is Yūsaku Godai's steady date and generally serves as an obstacle for him in his pursuit of Kyoko. Cute, sweet, and a little scatter-brained, she's oblivious to the fact that she is more interested in Yusaku than he is in her, and she does not recognize Kyoko (or later, Ibuki) as competition for his affection. Their relationship starts after Kozue finds Yusaku with a spare movie ticket (originally intended for Kyoko, who had just started dating Shun) and she invites herself along, setting the general tone for their relationship. Yusaku would like to come forward and break things off with Kozue, however he either cannot find the right opportunity to do so without hurting Kozue's feelings deeply (Yusaku's view) or he is unwilling to "be a man" and stand up for himself (Kyoko's view). The situation becomes more complicated after Kozue introduces Yusaku to her family (Yusaku did not know Kozue's plan until they had already arrived at her home), who approve of him and are all too willing to feed the perpetually starving college student.

Kyoko does not dislike Kozue and always responds to Kozue's genuine friendliness in kind, but Kozue's relationship with Yūsaku does trigger her jealousy (which she would not admit as such) and as a result he always takes pains to keep all mention of Kozue away from Kyoko. Yusaku does find Kozue attractive, and admits to himself that he would have fallen for her if Kyoko was not in the picture, but because of his feelings for Kyoko he strives to maintain some sort of distance from Kozue; his naivety (both feigned and genuine) keeps their relationship platonic.

Another running gag in the series is Yusaku's many attempts to break off with his relationship with Kozue. He imagines putting himself in many degrading situations to make her hate him and break up with him. Ironically, this does happen when Kozue sees Yusaku escorting a very drunk Akemi out of a hotel although it was not Yusaku's intention at the time. Later on, she finds out what really happened and the two of them part ways peacefully. Kozue ends up marrying a co-worker, Kentarō, at the bank she works at and moves away to Nagoya with her new husband.


Kozue has a clean bob hairstyle with bangs that come slightly above her eyebrows. Her hair is a light brown and her eyes a reddish brown. Her eyes always seem to be rather widely open, reflecting her spacey, oblivious personality.


Kozue is undoubtedly sweet and kind, but can be rather oblivious and scatterbrained. She doesn't seem to realize that Godai isn't nearly as into her as she is into him. Nonetheless, Kozue is always sincere and cheerful.


Kozue meets Godai when he is accidentally stood up by Kyoko. Kozue recognizes Godai from when they used to work together and they end up going to the movies together instead. Kozue gets the wrong idea and thinks that Godai likes her and she begins to pursue him. He is too nice to say no to her and she continues to be his steady date. Kozue does become aware of the fact that Godai may not like her as much as she thinks he does. There are multiple times where he tries to break up with her, realizing he should stop leading her on, but Kozue always misinterprets and continues to date him.


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