Mr. Chigusa
Nihongo 千草氏
Romaji Chigusa-shi
Gender Male
Age 50s
Relationship(s) Ritsuko Chigusa (wife)
Kyōko Otonashi (daughter)
Sōichirō Otonashi (son-in-law, deceased)
Yūsaku Godai (son-in-law)
Haruka Godai (granddaughter)
Occupation Salary man
Debut & Actors

Mr. Chigusa is Kyōko Otonashi's father. Although all he wants is for his daughter to get through the pain of her husand's death and remain happy the rest of her life, he does so in a somewhat domineering manner. He also had not approved Kyoko's decision to marry Sōichirō in the first place.

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