For Kyōko Otonashi's late husband, see Sōichirō Otonashi.
Soichiro - OVA 1
Nihongo 惣一郎
Romaji Sōichirō
Real name Shiro
(白, Shiro)
Gender Male
Debut & Actors
Manga debut What Are the Neighbors Doing?
Anime debut Sorry to Keep You Waiting! I'm Kyoko Otonashi!

Sōichirō (惣一郎さん, Sōichirō-san) is Kyōko Otonashi's large, white, Samoyed dog, found as a stray by Sōichirō Otonashi. He was originally named "Shiro", but he only responds to the name "Sōichirō" and so Kyōko insists on calling him "Sōichirō" in memory of her husband. Other than providing comic relief, he serves to remind both Kyōko and Yūsaku of the man he was named after, and serves as a foil to Shun Mitaka. Kentarō enjoys playing with him and considers him his pet.


  • In the Ranma ½ chapter "The Wrath of Happosai", Soichiro's name appears on a box Happosai is hiding under, saying "Please take me home. My name is Soichiro".[1]


  1. Ranma ½. Volume 7. pg 158
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