Sōichirō Otonashi
Nihongo 音無 惣一郎
Romaji Otonashi Sōichirō
Aliases Uncle Sōichirō (Ikuko)
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Date of birth 1950[1]
Date of death 1980
(Shōwa year 55)[2]
Age 30 (at the time of death)
Relationship(s) Kyōko Otonashi (wife)
Mr. Otonashi (father)
Mrs. Otonashi (mother)
Ms. Otonashi (sister)
Ikuko (niece)
Occupation High school teacher (temporarily)
Residence Otonashi residence
Debut & Actors
Manga debut Spring Wasabi
Anime debut Shocking Springtime! Kyoko's Secret
Japanese seiyū Hideyuki Tanaka
English VA David Kaye

Sōichirō Otonashi (音無 惣一郎, Otonashi Sōichirō) is Kyōko Otonashi's late husband. Sōichirō was a temporary teacher at Kyōko's high school. They eventually got married, albeit with great opposition from Kyōko's family. However, only a few months after their marriage, Sōichirō died of an unspecified cause (accident), leaving Kyōko a very young widow. His face is never shown in the series, always either in shadow or otherwise obscured in photographs. Sōichirō's family, especially his father, is still very close to Kyōko, who retained her last name from marriage, Otonashi.


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