Nihongo 坂本
Romaji Sakamoto
Real name Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Debut & Actors
Manga debut Hope Springs Eternal
Anime debut Hearts on Fire in the Dark! All Alone with Kyoko
Japanese seiyū Toshio Furukawa
English VA Terry Klassen

Sakamoto is Yūsaku Godai's friend from prep school. Coincidentally, they end up in the same university. Sakamoto is very loyal to Godai, often answering attendance roll for Godai when he is absent, and completing his schoolwork[1] and even helping out Godai find jobs. Sakamoto occasionally offers Yūsaku a roof to live under when situations temporarily force him out of Maison Ikkoku, like getting into a misunderstanding with Kyōko Otonashi, and even offers him insight on love.

A fan of the actress, Mano Kyōko, Sakamoto once gets a small white kitten, and names it Kyōko. He leaves the cat in Godai's care for a while, leading to confusion at Maison Ikkoku. Sakamoto offers ideas to Godai on how to impress Kyōko, often leading to more troubles than improvements. The truth is that he, himself, has never been able to stay in a relationship for a long time.


Sakamoto is a young man of Godai's age, with curly light-brown hair. He skin is of fair complexion and his face is freckled. He usually wears a full-sleeved jacket and a tee-shirt underneath it.


Sakamoto is an easy-going young man, who offers Godai advice on his problems with Kyōko. But in reality, he never stayed in a relationship for a long time. He encourages Godai to make advances towards Kyōko, often leading to more issues and confusions than improvements.



Yūsaku GodaiEdit



  • Sakamoto's first name is unknown and was never revealed in the anime or the manga.


  1. Maison Ikkoku. "Just Do Your Best!" (Volume 7). p 210
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