The Mysterious Tennis Coach Is the Rival of Love
Nihongo 謎のテニスコーチは恋のライバルです!
Romaji Nazo no Tenisu Kōchi wa Koi no Raibaru Desu!
Manga counterpart(s) Don't Fence Me Out
Air date May 21, 1986
Previous Godai's Unspeakable Declaration! If You're Going to Do It, Do It!
Next Love Panic on the Beach!

The Mysterious Tennis Coach Is the Rival of Love is the ninth episode of the Maison Ikkoku anime.

Concerned about Kyoko always moping about (both over Soichiro and, more recently, Godai's neighborhood - wide confession). Mrs. Ichinose signs them both up for tennis lessons. Shun Mitaka, the coach, is gorgeous...and couldn't be more unlike Godai. Uh-oh.

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