Underwater Confusion! Godai's Suspicious Hickey!
Nihongo 水中大乱闘!五代に疑惑のキスマーク!!
Romaji Suichū Tairantō! Godai ni Giwaku no Kisu Māku!!
Manga counterpart(s) Playing Hickey
Vanity Recruit
Air date August 5, 1987
Previous Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit: The Baseball Battle!
Next Farewell Grandma! Party on Down at Ueno Station

Underwater Confusion! Godai's Suspicious Hickey! is the sixty-ninth episode of the Maison Ikkoku anime.

Coach Mitaka invites Kyoko and Godai's grandma to his private pool, and naturally our favorite freeloaders tag along. A mysterious hickey, a lost bikini top, and drunken revelry make for hilarious poolside happenings.

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