Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi
Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi
Nihongo 三越 善三郎
Romaji Mitsukoshi Zenzaburo
Status Widower, alive
Gender Male
Age 40s
Occupation Real estate development company staff (previously)
Residence Maison Ikkoku (short time)
Debut & Actors
Anime debut Kyoko Falls in Love at First Sight?! A Stranger Moves into Maison Ikkoku
Japanese seiyū Katsunosuke Hori
English VA Michael Donovan

Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi (三越 善三郎, Mitsukoshi Zenzaburo) was a tenant that stayed shortly at Maison Ikkoku. He worked at a real estate company called My Home Town (MHT).


Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi is a widower who worked for a private real estate development company which had expressed interest in tearing down Maison Ikkoku.



Kyōko OtonashiEdit



  • Mitsukoshi is the only anime-exclusive character in the series.


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